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Composite Panels

TECHLITE® Silencer Composite Panels comprise a flexible 1lb/ft, reinforced sound isolating, or blocking, mass loaded vinyl in conjunction with a thick layer of TECHLITE® sound absorptive melamine foam.

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Benefits and Highlights:

  • Open-cell, fiber-free melamine foam core
  • Easy to cut, easy to install
  • Sound isolating/blocking and sound absorbing
  • Tested in accordance with ASTM C423-17 for Sound Absorption
  • Tested in accordance with ASTM E90 Airborne Sound Transmission Loss
  • Class A fire-rated per ASTM E84
  • Highly Sound-Absorptive (NRC 0.75 using 1″ thick melamine foam)
  • Highly Sound-Isolating (STC 25)
  • Increased speech intelligibility and overall comfort
  • Improved overall acoustic quality, reduce stress, improved productivity
  • Reduces the transmission of radiated noise through the walls of ductwork or piping

Uses and Applications:

  • Home and commercial recording studios
  • Theaters, auditoriums
  • Industrial applications
  • HVAC and plumbing systems
  • Offices, meeting rooms, conference rooms
  • Sound attenuating equipment enclosures
  • Gymnasiums
  • Indoor Gun Range
  • Automotive

Available in Natural, Light Grey or Custom Colors


Noise Radiating From Building Construction Systems Can Raise Serious Concerns In Modern Buildings. Noise, In General, Generated By A Specific Source, Or Sources, Can Be Categorized Into One Of Two Main Categories:

Airborne noise is the sound that travels through the air, such as human speech, music, traffic, HVAC duct, etc. In closed environments such as indoor building areas and closed-off rooms, the airborne sound waves reflect off of hard surfaces causing excessive reverberation (echoes) and increasing the overall perceived noise level within the contained space and transmitting into other noise-sensitive areas.

Structure-borne noise is the sound that is transmitted originating from a vibrating source. The energy generated by these vibrations is transmitted into the structure of a building, for example through the walls, ceiling, framing, structural supports, or through plumbing and pipe-work and HVAC ductwork. The energy readily travels throughout the building via the building’s solid structural components and is then radiated outward in the form of airborne noise at various locations within the building.

TECHLITE® Silencer Composite Panels comprise a flexible 1lb/ft, reinforced sound isolating, or blocking, mass loaded vinyl in conjunction with a thick layer of TECHLITE® sound absorptive melamine foam. Together the layers both absorb and isolate mid to high frequency noise and reduce the overall transmission of sound. A melamine foam decoupler layer is incorporated into the Composite Sheet to provide airspace between the sound isolating barrier layer and mounting substrate for maximum control of unwanted sound. The decoupler aids to structurally-separate the barrier from the structure-borne vibrational acoustic energy for a most favorable sound solution. Our Composite Panels are fiber-free, so you’ll have no issues when handling and can be cut to any size to ease your install. For further ease of install TECHLITE® offers a peel and stick PSA option — just make the necessary field cuts, peel off the backing and stick/direct-apply the Composite Panels to substrate.

The information contained in this data sheet derives from accredited laboratory tests, but without warranty. The physical properties are typical values and intended for reference only. They are not specifications. Recommended uses are based on testing, but it is always recommended the customer evaluate the product suitability under their actual process conditions.

Engineering and Design Services

The TECHLITE® team brings over 30 years of combined engineering, design and consultation experience providing cost-effective and feasible noise control solutions for all types of projects.







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