Richard B., SMA, FMMT

Manager of Facilities


Very satisfied with TECHLITE and their product. The sound dampening is extraordinary. I was not only very satisfied with the product, but the customer care was amazing. I needed some guidance on the proper medium to use to affix the panels to the ceiling, and I was given a fast and effective solution. We used this product in an attorney office to dampen the echo. It worked perfectly. We will use this product again if the need arises.

Mike D.

MD Acoustics

Over the past 3 to 4 years we’ve had a chance to work closely with Techlite Acoustics and Team on various projects and product applications. MD Acoustics built an anechoic chamber for product testing purposes and during our vetting proposes we selected Techlite to supply the acoustic products. We selected Techlite products for our anechoic chamber for a number of reasons but some of the major reasons being acoustic performance, cost and quality. Working with Techlite has been easy and our customers appreciate it. We will continue to work with them and recommend their products on current and future projects that come our way!

Eric W

Laboratory Manager

Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories™

Chris and Richard have been great to work with over the years; we always enjoy testing new samples for TECHLITE Acoustics!

Steve F.

Sound Proof Atlanta

The entire staff at Techlite Acoustics are a pleasure to work with because of:

  • The attention to detail
  • The urgency of followup
  • The professionalism
  • The Ideas and design assistance


We at Sound Proof Atlanta enjoy our relationship and look forward to a long term partnership.

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