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TECHLITE® Acoustics’ team brings over 30 years of combined engineering and consultation experience providing cost-effective and feasible noise control solutions for all types of projects.

Acoustics is a 4-dimensional branch of science that deals with sound and vibration, and the calculated manipulation of either, or both. In a world where the current average population growth rate is estimated 83 million people per year, accompanied with higher population densities comes an exponentially growing indoor and outdoor noise (typically defined as “unwanted sound”) pollution problem.

TECHLITE® specializes in the design and manufacturing of melamine foam-based sound-absorptive products, and offers in-house engineering, acoustic design and consultation services. With a team of conditioned engineers and consultants comprising strong backgrounds in architectural and building acoustics, acoustical and mechanical engineering, acoustic modeling, conducting industrial/occupational noise assessments, environmental impact assessments and development applications, TECHLITE® has the solution.

Our rapidly-growing portfolio of product design and development, acoustic design and consultation experience includes areas such as:

  • Acoustical Testing
  • Religious Facility/Church/Worship Center
  • Education
  • Gymnasium/Fitness
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Laboratory
  • Live Performance
  • Mixed Use
  • Museum
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Private/Open Office
  • Aquatic/Pool Complex
  • Residential
  • Restaurant/Bar
  • Recording Studio

Whether the noise intrusion is indoors, outdoors, or requires theoretical calculations and acoustical testing, through a detailed analysis process, TECHLITE® will work with you to evaluate solutions to mitigate noise buildup and other unwarranted acoustic anomalies while maintaining the desired aesthetic in any given space. By virtue of providing engineered solutions tailored to suit your specific needs, TECHLITE® opens up opportunities to qualitatively enhance the end-user’s auditory experience.

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