Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Are The Advantages Of Techlite Foam Over Other Types Of Insulation?

A. TechLite insulation is a lightweight, open cell melamine foam insulation developed as an alternative to traditional insulation systems. This high performance insulation has a wide temperature range, low smoke and flame properties and is available in several sizes and shapes including preformed pipe insulation and fittings, flat sheets, die cut parts, and custom cut v-grooved sheets to wrap around large cylindrical surfaces. Custom shapes and profiles are available by request. TechLite foam is easily trimmed, cut, and sliced in the field reducing installation time compared to many other insulation materials. In addition to providing excellent insulation properties, TechLite Insulation also provides outstanding acoustical performance.

Q. Do I Need To Use Fastener Weld On TechLite 879 And 379 Series Insulation Systems?

A. Yes. Both indoor and outdoor applications require the use of Fastener Weld adhesive to permanently bond the jacket closed. Fastener Weld should be applied wherever there is a seam including circumferential joints on pipe sections and fitting covers, longitudinal laps on the pipe insulation, and on the throats of the fitting covers.

Q. Isn't The SSL Tape Enough?

A. No. The SSL tape is applied as an installation tool and will not be sufficient for long term use.

Q. How Do I Seal The Insulation In Below Ambient Or Severe Wash-Down Applications?

A. RTV should be used in addition to Fastener Weld. After applying Fastener weld, run a bead of RTV along all seams to create a moisture barrier.

Q. Are There Installation Instructions?

A. Yes. Installation instructions, data sheets, MSDS, etc. can be found on the Techlite website. A copy of these instructions are included with every order.

Q. Can Techlite Insulation Be Direct Buried?

A. No, the insulation cannot be installed in such a way that it bears any load.

Q. Can I Install Plain Techlite Foam Without A Jacket?

A. We strongly suggest that you do not leave the Techlite foam bare. Moisture and UV light will degrade the foam very quickly. Uncovered foam is also susceptible to environmental damage.

Q. Can PVC Tape Be Applied To The Jacket/Fitting Covers During Installation?

A. No, spot taping should only be done on the foam, underneath the jacket.