Baeumer Cutting Machine

New Baeumer Cutting Machine Has Landed!

TechLite® Insulation is now the proud owner of a Baeumer OFS-Twincut horizontal contour cutting machine.  This beauty trekked from Germany to the US via a 30 day ocean voyage to arrive at our manufacturing facility in hot, sunny Tempe, Arizona.  This machine will enable us to improve our efficiencies, reduce cutting times, and produce a dust-free product.  It has both a circulating and oscillating knife which will allow for fast cutting of our sheeted material as well as precise cutting of our technical parts.

Dust-free cutting of three dimensional contours means we can create acoustical solutions for our customer’s ever changing needs.  Touch screen technology along with CNC and PLC control make this machine a breeze to operate.  With its sleek lines and beefy components, this Baeumer machine makes an impressive addition to our manufacturing facility.

Please contact us with any acoustical needs you may have as well as your insulation needs.  We are here to help!

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