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Insulation Installation Accessories

Make your Techlite product install the best it can be using our recommended insulation and acoustic accessories. Engineered for superior performance, our accessories ensure optimal satisfaction during the install.

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TECHLITE Insulation provides an array of accessories to go along with your project. Many of the products offered are required for proper installation of the product and provide an aesthetically pleasing finished look. We offer all of the required accessories for a complete installation no matter your application, jacket or lag type, installation requirements, lengths of run and environments you will be placing the insulation in. We offer adjustable pipe hangers and PVC tapes that match your jacket choice.

Review the installation instructions for recommended products.

*The information contained in this data sheet derives from accredited laboratory tests, but without warranty. The physical properties are typical values and intended for reference only. They are not specifications. Recommended uses are based on testing, but it is always recommended the customer evaluate the product suitability under their actual process conditions.

Additional Information

Benefits and Highlights

  • Prevent moisture ingress
  • Seals against power washing
  • Create custom protective shield
  • Foam safe insulation bonding

Uses and Applications

  • Sealing exterior seams
  • Sealing exposed foam
  • Taping closed seams
  • Maintaining vapor barrier