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Corner Bass Traps

The unique trihedral geometry of our Corner Bass Traps provides exceptional acoustical performance, maximizes installation and design versatility and sparks an immediate visual interest.

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Benefits and Highlights:

  • Non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, open-cell, fiber-free
  • Very lightweight
  • Easy install with off-the-shelf construction adhesive or corner wall mounts
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Acoustically-tested in accordance with ASTM C423-17 for Sound Absorption
  • Provides the look of acoustics
  • Class A fire-rated per ASTM E 84
  • Highly sound-absorptive (Apparent NRC)
  • High Light Reflectance
  • Helps obtain LEED points for building certifications

Uses and Applications:

  • Post Production and Recording Studios
  • Control Rooms
  • Live Broadcast Studios
  • Editing Suites
  • Vocal / Isolation Booths
  • Live Performance Venues
  • Music Classrooms
  • Band Practice / Choral Rehearsal Rooms

Available in Natural, Light Grey or Custom Colors


In the world of room acoustics, if there is reinforced sound in any form (e.g. recording studio) one of the trickier elements of the acoustical design is to figure out how to tame the low end, where sound waves can reach upwards of 15ft, 20ft even 30ft in length or more, depending on the source. Trapping bass wave sound energy is vital to the noise-sensitive rooms acoustical design since it absorbs and diminishes low frequency phenomena, and unwarranted room modes, leaving you with a cleaner, better sounding room. Different rooms will comprise different dominant tones. Even though typical sound-absorptive panels minimize reflections and absorb the mid and high frequencies, controlling bass waves takes on a much heftier design methodology. Generally speaking, among other parameters, the thicker and denser the porous material is the more low frequency sound energy the material absorbs.

TECHLITE Corner Bass Traps from our Infrasonic Series are a perfect solution to absorb and diminish low frequency energy whilst maintaining a unique architectural feature for the space, whether treating recording studios, control rooms, music rooms or live performance venues. The unique trihedral geometry provides exceptional acoustical performance, maximizes installation and design versatility and sparks an immediate visual interest.

Available in our standard 12″ x 12″ x 24″ or 48″ tall traps, we have the capability to fabricate custom thicknesses and sizes, suited to your particular rooms aural signature. TECHLITE® Bass Traps can easily be installed via construction adhesive, hanging/mounting z-clips, and corner wall mounts. Acoustically, our Bass Traps are lab-tested in accredited acoustical laboratories. The Planar and Pulse Bass Traps offer an Apparent NRC of 1.60 and 1.10, respectively. And since fiberglass has been declared a lung, eye, skin, and throat irritant, TECHLITE® 100% natural melamine foam Bass Traps offer a much safer alternative to traditional fiberglass and fibrous fillers.

The information contained in this data sheet derives from accredited laboratory tests, but without warranty. The physical properties are typical values and intended for reference only. They are not specifications. Recommended uses are based on testing, but it is always recommended the customer evaluate the product suitability under their actual process conditions.

Engineering and Design Services

The TECHLITE® team brings over 30 years of combined engineering, design and consultation experience providing cost-effective and feasible noise control solutions for all types of projects.


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