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Designer Corrugated Acoustic Panel

Characterized by its rugged, industrial appearance, featuring a wavy texture that adds depth and visual interest to walls or ceilings.

Part Number: TA-EA-038-2424-250-010-001-WHITE
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Introducing the Techlite Designer series Corrugated profile, the ultimate heavy-duty acoustic treatment solution for industrial and professional spaces. Crafted for those seeking a no-nonsense approach to sound control, these panels are designed to offer superior sound absorption and durability.

The Corrugated profile stands out with its simplicity, making it a seamless addition to any industrial or professional workspace. Its rugged design ensures that it can withstand the demands of busy environments, providing long-lasting acoustic performance.

The Corrugated panels offer considerable sound absorption capabilities, effectively reducing reverberation and echo. This means clearer communication, improved concentration, and a more comfortable working environment.

Not only do these panels excel in performance, but they also excel in aesthetics. Available in a variety of colors, the Corrugated panels can be customized to match any space, adding a touch of style while effectively controlling sound.

Perfect for factory and warehouse environments, where noise levels can be particularly high, the Corrugated panels help create a more conducive atmosphere for work. They can be easily installed on walls or ceilings, providing versatile sound control wherever it's needed most.

Whether you're looking to enhance productivity in a manufacturing facility, improve safety in a warehouse, or create a more comfortable environment in a workshop, the Techlite Designer series Corrugated profile is the ideal choice for heavy-duty acoustic treatment.

*The information contained in this data sheet derives from accredited laboratory tests, but without warranty. The physical properties are typical values and intended for reference only. They are not specifications. Recommended uses are based on testing, but it is always recommended the customer evaluate the product suitability under their actual process conditions.

Additional Information

Benefits and Highlights

  • Open-cell melamine foam
  • Simple industrial profile
  • Continuous pattern
  • Thick foam base
  • Cost-effective
  • Same NRC as 2"-thick acoustic sheet


  • Size: Panel is available in 24" x 24" for general wall applications, or 23" x 23" for applied grid ceiling tiles. Call for custom sizing options
  • Color: Natural White Foam, Light Grey Foam, Custom Coated
  • Coated: Blue Jay, Charcoal, Desert, Garnet, Hushed Grey, Latte, Mantis, Moss Green, Navy, Pitch Black, Poppy Blue, Red Jam, Sea Foam, Slate, Urban Bronze, White Noise, Not Coated, Sherwin-Williams (1,500+)
  • Material: TECHLITE® Flexible Open-Cell Melamine Foam
  • Minimum Service Temp: -40°F
  • Maximum Service Temp: 350°F
  • Density: Light Grey 0.56 0.09 lb/ft3, Natural 0.47 0.13 lb/ft3
  • Fire Rating (Light Grey): ASTM E 84 Class A | Flame Spread Index = 10 / Smoke Developed Index = 55
  • Fire Rating (Natural): ASTM E 84 Class A | Flame Spread Index = 5 / Smoke Developed Index = 20, CAN/ULC S102 | Flame Spread Index = 0 / Smoke Developed Index = 30