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Designer Ripple Acoustic Panel

Single profile designer panel that features wave ripples

Part Number: TA-EA-038-2424-250-005-001-WHITE
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Transform your living or office space with the innovative Techlite Designer series Ripple profile acoustic tiles. Crafted from high-quality melamine foam, these tiles offer exceptional sound absorption while adding a modern touch to any room.

The Ripple profile creates a dynamic accent wall that instantly captivates attention in living rooms, conference rooms, studios, and beyond. Its unique design mimics the gentle movement of water, giving your space a sense of fluidity and energy. 

The beauty of the Ripple profile lies in its versatility. With its modular design, you can easily expand the design in any direction, allowing you to customize your space to fit your vision perfectly. Whether you want to cover an entire wall or create a smaller feature, the Ripple profile makes it effortless to achieve your desired aesthetic.

Not only does the Ripple profile enhance the visual appeal of your space, but it also improves its acoustics. The melamine foam material efficiently absorbs sound, reducing echoes and noise levels for a more comfortable and productive environment.

Installation is simple and hassle-free, thanks to the lightweight nature of the melamine foam tiles. They can be easily attached to any wall surface using adhesive or mounting hardware, giving you the freedom to install them wherever you desire.

Bring your space to life with the Techlite Designer series Ripple profile acoustic tiles and experience the perfect blend of style and functionality.

*The information contained in this data sheet derives from accredited laboratory tests, but without warranty. The physical properties are typical values and intended for reference only. They are not specifications. Recommended uses are based on testing, but it is always recommended the customer evaluate the product suitability under their actual process conditions.

Additional Information

Benefits and Highlights

  • Open-cell melamine foam
  • Slim designer profile
  • Eligible for Acoustically Transparent Coating
  • Lightweight
  • Easy Install
  • Same NRC as 2"-thick acoustic sheet


  • Size: Panel is available in 24" x 24" for general wall applications, or 23" x 23" for applied grid ceiling tiles. Call for custom sizing options
  • Color: Natural White Foam, Light Grey Foam, Custom Coated
  • Coated: Blue Jay, Charcoal, Desert, Garnet, Hushed Grey, Latte, Mantis, Moss Green, Navy, Pitch Black, Poppy Blue, Red Jam, Sea Foam, Slate, Urban Bronze, White Noise, Not Coated, Sherwin-Williams (1,500+)
  • Material: TECHLITE® Flexible Open-Cell Melamine Foam
  • Minimum Service Temp: -40°F
  • Maximum Service Temp: 350°F
  • Density: Light Grey 0.56 0.09 lb/ft3, Natural 0.47 0.13 lb/ft3
  • Fire Rating (Light Grey): ASTM E 84 Class A | Flame Spread Index = 10 / Smoke Developed Index = 55
  • Fire Rating (Natural): ASTM E 84 Class A | Flame Spread Index = 5 / Smoke Developed Index = 20, CAN/ULC S102 | Flame Spread Index = 0 / Smoke Developed Index = 30