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The Van Buren Phoenix

Step into an unparalleled sonic experience at The Van Buren Phoenix, where music meets perfection with our recent acoustic installation. Utilizing sleek black-coated ceiling panels crafted from premium acoustic melamine, we've revolutionized the sound dynamics of this renowned music venue. Our customers are buzzing with excitement over the transformative performance enhancement brought about by our Techlite product.

The Van Buren has long been a hub for world-class musical performances, hosting icons such as Sting, Billie Eilish, Death Cab For Cutie, Dua Lipa, Logic, and 5 Seconds of Summer. Now, with our acoustic solution in place, the venue's acoustics have been elevated to match the caliber of its performers. Attendees can immerse themselves in crystal-clear sound, free from unwanted echoes or distortions, ensuring every concert is an unforgettable experience. Experience the pinnacle of sound quality at The Van Buren Phoenix, where Techlite's acoustic innovation takes center stage.

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